Joint Venture

Deyang Sinozyme Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established as a Sino-German joint venture company in 2003. Seat of the company is in the Industrial District of Xiaohan Town, Guanghan City, Sichuan Province, Peoples Republic of China.

Sinozyme’s joint venture partners are Deyang Biochemical Products, Deyang, the holding company of Biozym Gesellschaft für Enzymtechnologie mbH, Hamburg and Changzhou Qianhong Biochemical, Changzhou.

Sinozyme’s object is the manufacture of enzymes particularly of porcine origin which is Pancreatin powder and granules, Chymotrypsin, Trypsin, Trypsin-Chymotrypsin mixtures and Pepsin to be used as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and as Food Ingredients (FI). Dovelopment of production processes of enzymes and research on application of enzymes are further engagements.

Sinozyme holds a manufacturing and export permit and complies with the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for active substances of the European Union (EU), the World Health Organization (WHO) and of the Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention (PIC). Sinozyme has been inspected and certified by the German Health Authorities.