1990   Establishment of BIOZYM in Hamburg as associate company of DANIMEX in Hamburg

1991   Completion of laboratory especially for quality control of pharmaceutical enzymes

1994   Factory extension to increase capacity of enzyme standardization

1995   BIOZYM becomes subsidiary company of DANIMEX in Hamburg by share transfer

1997   Manufacturing permit according to German Drug Act (AMG) and GMP status complying with the principles of
            EU, WHO and PIC

1999   BIOZYM takes the complete business enterprise, all corresponding assets and liabilities over from DANIMEX in Hamburg


1969   Establishment of DANIMEX in Hamburg as subsidiary company of a Danish enterprise

1976   German management accepts takeover bid from Danish shareholder

1984   Construction of todays factory and office

1995   BIOZYM becomes subsidiary company of DANIMEX Hamburg by share transfer

1999   DANIMEX becomes a holding company having all shares, making the investments and superintends its subsidiary